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"For any parents of 9-14 year olds in the Coffs Harbour surrounding area...This program is a must to set your child up to be financially literate from the get go. My son has signed up for this program and LOVES the program and Nicole K. Martin's wonderful teaching style. He is really looking forward to starting this program soon, it has inspired him to start studying harder at school to meet the goals he drew up in class a few weeks ago. My son is 13yo with learning issues and yet Nicole was able to totally reset his thinking on many levels. I cannot recommend Nicole K. Martin 's financial literacy programs highly enough."

"Hey Nicole K. Martin my son has asked when next terms financial class starts as he's really looking forward to starting the 8wk program. You have the skills to get a 13yo boy with ADHD & a penchant for spending anything he gets money-wise, interested in finance enough to want to start a whole course in it! That my dear is an incredible skill!!!! I recommend anyone thinking of sending their kids to this financial literacy course to please do so. You & your children won't be disappointed, plus you'll be giving them skills that will set them up for a lifetime! I've been astounded listening to my son this last week. He has a plan, knows that he must study hard to get there now & why, how much it'll cost and how to budget for it all, as well as plan for retirement. I'm stoked! Thank you Nicole K. Martin for being such an amazing teacher and inspiring my son to strive 😊"

My son (Year 8) really enjoyed the lesson and is looking forward to coming back next week".

"My daughter (Year 2) came home talking about what a good time she had yesterday.  She is really looking forward to the rest of the course."

"I'm an accountant and I try to teach my kids about saving and investing but sometimes it feels like I'm nagging them.  Nicole's lessons are fun and friendly and explains finance in a way that kids can understand."

"When can I come back to learn more?" - girl,10

"I like learning about financial electricity!" - girl,6

I like learning about money." - boy,8

"I really like learning from you." - girl,7

"...[the staff] feel more armed to make an informed decision, as do I." - Employer of Coffs Harbour business


The Story of Martin & Fortuin
Our mission is to have a long-lasting, significant and positive influence on the financial and personal futures of everyone we meet through financial education.

Back then...

Nicole Fortuin grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and had a childhood goal to 'be a Chartered Accountant'.  Nicole attended a high school for business students, studied accounting at university and worked as an articled clerk in a firm of chartered accountants while studying part-time for her post-graduate accounting degree.   

Nicole grew to question her childhood goal, asking herself: 'Who put this idea into my head?' and she so much wanted to give up ... but her need to finish what she had started was too great! 

Nicole completed her articles, married and worked for the next 5 years as an accountant at a listed investment corporation and later, at a clothing manufacturing firm, while still pursuing her post-graduate studies part-time.

Then one day, she was asked to help her brother-in-law study for his Year 12 Accounting exams.   Nicole had finally found her passion - teaching!  She had felt such immense satisfaction from helping someone understand finance that she made a firm decision to change her lifeplan.

Members from the Martin family and Fortuin family provided financial and moral support which allowed  Nicole to scale back her work to a part-time role and pursue her new life goal.

And now...

Living in Coffs Harbour (Australia), Nicole is an accredited Certified Financial Education Instructor and owner of a financial literacy education business - Martin & Fortuin.

Martin & Fortuin teaches lessons in person from a fun and age-appropriate teaching curriculum designed by educators and financial professionals with  The National Financial Educators Council  .  ​  ​

Nicole previously held unpaid volunteer positions as President of the Management Committee at  Brayside Community Preschool  for 2 years and 6 months as a mentor to Coffs Harbour high-school students in the NSW Government's  Youth Frontiers Program .