What is FLEC?
  1. FL =  Financial literacy is the skill of knowing how to read, write and speak financial words and knowing how to apply that understanding to your own life;

  • E = Entrepreneurship is the skill of knowing how to make money using your access to ideas and resources in order to generate a profit. Learn the basics of economics, marketing, sales, taxes, business law, management, ethics and sustainability;

  • C = Career education is the skill of knowing how to attain your personal goals using your career knowledge and personal development. ​ Take a behind-the-scenes look at various career opportunities available and speak to real business owners.
Your child is growing up and learning to become independent but are they learning to be financially independent?  Will they know how to avoid unnecessary money traps? Will they have the know-how to take advantage of financial opportunities? 

By the age of 7, a child will have developed their adult money habits. ​  Now is the time to step in and help them learn financial literacy skills so that they can make the most of their money

You may have made some mistakes in the past but that does not mean that you are destined to repeat those same mistakes in your future.  Do yourself a favour and change your life for the better. Learn financial literacy skills and you will be on the path to financial freedom forever.