A Coffs Harbour family business

We teach children (Preschool to Year 12) about money, financial literacy, entrepreneurship and career planning. 

Children learn to develop habits from the moment they are born usually from those in their immediate environment and, by the age of 7 years, a child will have developed their adult money habits.​ 

 We will show them how to avoid common money pitfalls.
We will show them how to take advantage of financial opportunities.

Today is the day to step in and help them learn financial literacy skills so that they can make the most of their money, today and everyday
We help adults (19 years to retirement age) to manage and grow their money through financial literacy, entrepreneurship and career planning classes.

We show adults how to grow their wealth and enjoy living the life of their dreams while using the system of finance to work in their favour.  

 We show adults how to earn, keep and grow their money and enjoy living a life free from financial stress and struggles.

Today is the day to start learning all that you can about money so that they can reap the rewards.